NCK Dongle 6.7 Crack & Latest 2023 Setup Download

By | September 3, 2023

NCK Dongle is a superb creation for us to maintain the problems of the mobile. According to my experience, it is an outclass platform for resetting all MTK devices. The mobile market now is world trending and most useful to maintain this industry we need a strong and friendly program like NCK Dongle. NCK Dongle Crack is a unique mobile repair tool that allows users to reset all issues. I tell you many types are issues are available but how to handle these issues question is that. Don’t worry, just visit Google and download the most useful world-class tool NCK Dongle.NCK Dongle Crack

NCK Dongle

NCK Dongle is a modern application that works for mobile repairing, unlocking, and resetting. Using brilliant tools, you are able to update all mobile brand firmware. It brings all dead phones into a new look. When you connect with the NCK tool using any mobile cable. After this, it highlights all issues on the screen. Lots of problems we faced with mobile. but now tool helps the users to resolve and handle all stick problems. It is a simple tool no need more extension and education to use and maintain your phones. Secure and fast tool for resolving mobile issues.

NCK Dongle unlocked the all mobile locks that we forgot. We know that sometimes we forget the mobile password, and and we have no other way to open and use the mobile for this reason we need a tool that opens the mobile. It is a great tool that reads all mobile codes and breaks the forgotten password. Reads the codes and after this writes a new code. This is a fresh tool that helps users to break all passwords without losing data.

NCK Dongle Crack is a versatile program that allows users to unlock their SIM cards. You are able to remove FRP locks. It comes with a great option to reset the firmware and IMEI number. Using it, you are capable of changing the EMEI number or deleting what you want. Sometimes our mobiles crash due to our mismanagement. It resets them and makes more faster. I read about this, it is the world’s best and most recommended by users. It reads and writes unlock codes.

NCK Dongle Crack brings new changes to work on a large scale. It means that, sometimes we forget the network or internet codes. It will help us to remove or delete the Internet or network codes in a few seconds. I tell you, it checks the backup or battery charging problems. The format mobile option is here. A lot of possibilities are given to the factory mobile problem. Using this tool, you can select any language on the mobile that you want. You can easily repair BT.NCK Dongle

NCK Dongle Features 2023 Detail:

Unlock Operation:

The program supports the users in unlocking the devices. Many operations for various purposes support. Mobile unlocking is a key feature of  NCK Dongle. The following unlocking operation support:

  1. Unlock SIM card
  2. Internet and network Unlock
  3. Direct SPD lock unlock
  4. MTK lock easily unlocked
  5. Unlock Bootloader

Reads Codes:

It is an impressive program in the world that gives a way of reading mobile codes. The following codes read:

  1. SPD Codes reads
  2. Blackberry unlock codes read
  3. It reads codes for MTK Flash & HTC
  4. Reads LG Correct Code
  5. Read unlock codes.

Reset Multiple Things:

It is a nice tool that allows the users to set the EMEI number. Also, you can change the new one. The following detail for resetting a device:

  1. Reset Factory For LG
  2. Reset FRP
  3. Qualcomm Reset FRP
  4. Reset OPPO Pattern, Pin, Finger Print, etc.


Program having both features backup and Flashing. Easily create a backup and will do to adjust a flashing a following device:

  1. Restore Backup
  2. Firmware upgrade
  3. Huge files flash

Change Language:

The program will allow the users to change the language that they want.

NCK Dongle Supported Models:

  1. Alcatel MTK
  2. Alcatel Android
  3. BlackBerry
  4. Huawei
  5. Alcatel Modems
  6. Alcatel TCL
  7. Huawei Modems
  8. LG
  9. Samsung
  10. QMobile
  11. RIVO Mobile
  12. Haier
  13. Lenovo
  14. Voice Mobile
  15. Micromax

How To Install NCK Dongle?

  1. Before downloading, you need to disable the antivirus on your computer.
  2. After this, download the files with the crack setup.
  3. Extract the files using WinRAR.
  4. Now, the file is administrator.

How To Use NCK Dongle?

  1. After installing a device, use a USB to connect a MediaTek Phone to the computer.
  2. After this, open the NCK dongle.
  3. Next, open the setting NCK Dongle and select the brand mobile.
  4. Click the Boot information.
  5. So your device will detect an NCK Dongle.
  6. Select any option that your device needs like unlocking, repairing, or resetting EMEI.
  7. Download SamKEY

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