Trilian Bass 1.5 Crack VST With Torrent For Mac & Windows [Latest]

Trilian Bass 1.5 Crack

Trilian bass 1.5 Crack – Total Bass Solution: With its comprehensive design, our Trilian Total Bass Module® brings many different types of Bass together into one extraordinary-sounding virtual instrument. Trilian has long been recognized as the most versatile bass virtual instrument available and has become an industry standard. Whether you need production-ready sounds or prefer to carefully craft your own tones, Trilian is the ultimate bass tool for serious producers.  Trilian Crack Free Download

Acoustic-Electric – Synth: Trilian is the successor to Spectrasonics’ award-winning Trilogy bass instrument, offering deeper control of musical expression and much greater flexibility of sound shaping. Trilian’s 34GB library is 10-times the size of Trilogy and features all-new acoustic, electric, and synth basses the size of Trilogy and features all-new acoustic, electric, and synth basses. Over sixty different 4, 5, 6, and 8 string Electric basses are presented in fingered, picked, fretless slapped, tapped, and muted technique variations. Version 1.5 has added many of Omnisphere’s powerful synthesis functions as well.

High-Resolution Interface: Trilian supports a newly redesigned, high-resolution interface with support for HiDPI displays. The modernized GUI is now easier to use and resizable to fit comfortably into your workspace.

Trilian Bass VST Crack v1.5 Download Latest {2021}

Custom Controls: The Custom Controls presented for each Patch allow you to go far beyond the original sound. The intuitive interface includes useful performance controls and high-quality creative effects processing specially crafted for each Patch. Thousands of included Patches showcase the remarkable versatility and ability to dramatically customize these inspiring sounds to your music.

Authentic Expression: Unique subtleties have been deep-sampled, including legato and glide articulations, mechanical noises, and release overtones to bring these sounds to a whole new level of authenticity. Trilian’s stunning Acoustic Bass is one of the most detailed instruments Spectrasonics has ever released, with 4 audio channels and over 21,000 samples to create this single instrument! All of this puts a depth of realism into performances that are truly inspiring.

Spectrasonic Trilian Bass VST 1.5 Crack & Torrent Download [2021]

Omnisphere Crack Integration: As a bonus for Omnisphere users, Trilian integrates fully as a satellite instrument within the Omnisphere® interface, allowing the exploration of endless new sonic possibilities and combinations.

Trilian Creative Library: The “Trilian Creative” library is a cutting-edge collection of over 200 Omnisphere patches specially designed for users who also have Trilian. The vast new library was produced by Eric Persing and features a tremendous variety of patches created by our amazing Sound Development team, showcasing the power of combining Trilian and Omnisphere 2.

Trilian’s richly detailed bass sounds have been dramatically transformed using Omnisphere 2’s deep synthesis capabilities. The new patches offer an extremely wide variety of incredible sounds for modern music producers and are available now as a FREE update. Users can simply update both products to get the new patches, which then appear in Omnisphere 2’s patch browser as a new directory.


– 96 PatchesAcousti-Chord Magic
Acousti-Chord Shimmer
Acousti-Chord Simple
Alarming Trends 1
Alarming Trends 2
Azzblastin’ Bass 16ths
Baby Blue
Bit of the Nasties
Bristol Patrol
Chase thru the Underground
Chordie Plucker
Conversation Chords
Crush Up the Retro Bass
Crushing the Azzblazter 1
Crushing the Azzblazter 2
Crushing the Azzblazter 3
Cylon Dance Party
Davey Jones’s Locker
Deep Metasonix Pulse
Dipstick Rising
Dividing Modes
Eight And Down
Electro Brick House
Electrogirl Push
Escape the Overcode
Extrusion Fusion
Fearful Alarm
Fire in the Hole
Fire up the Hook
Frahm Latte
Frame Drum Groove
Freak Beat 1
Freak Beat 2
Freak Beat 3
Glitching Stick Thumps
Grahamstown Rhythm Maker
Grouped in Threes
Happy Transformation
Haunted Sleighride
Illuminetic Bender
Illuminetic Crusher
Industrial Heartbeat
Integration Station 1
Integration Station 2
It Stares Back
Key Strummer Brite
Key Strummer Mando
Key Strummer Soft Swing
Key Strummer Wah
Labored Breathing
Living in Germania 1
Living in Germania 2
Living in Germania 3
Machines are Winning
Magma Stick Lounge 1
Magma Stick Lounge 2
Malignant Bass in Three 1
Malignant Bass in Three 2
Marching Orders
Mongrel Bass Big
Mongrel Bass Echo
Mongrel Bass Reso
Mongrel Bass Waveshaper
More Cowbell
Murderous Rage 1
Murderous Rage 2
Murderous Rage 3
Organic Macrobeat Machine
Organic Microbeat Machine
Party in the Asylum
Partying in Berlin
Patient Zero
Pixie Dance
Power Lines
Racing Against Time
Rave Gnat
Redbull Bass Driver
Ringing the Mutes
Root Canal
Rude Electro
Running Crushed Squares
Scary Scrapes
Shades of Evil 1
Shades of Evil 2
Street Beat Click Machine
Strumming Harmonics Drive
Summit Rising
Swing That Thing
Tapped Line
Wasp 101 Squares
Waveshaping Trilogy
Whistling Waldorf
– 3 PatchesM-Theory Chimonics 2
Triangles in the Mist
Wooden Blooper

– 2 Patches

Distorted Evolution Drone
Roasting the Release Noises

– 14 Patches

Deranged Inversion
Deranged Wingnut
Emmett’s Grain Spiders
Flubby Engine
Get That Millipede Off Of My Leg!
Glitching Retro 60’s Texture
Granular Bass Feedback
House of Pain
I think my cable might be bad
Insects in the Double Bass 1
Insects in the Double Bass 2
Staccato Disintegration Bass
Stirring the Aliens
Web of Darkness

– 3 Patches

Orpheus plays his Vihuela
Plecotar Anxiety
Upright Elastitar

– 8 Patches

Contemplation Stick Pad
Hardcore Baritone
Hybridized Mute Stick
Linguini Western
Organic Juno Stick
Stick on a Bed of Chaotic Vibes
Studio Bass Pad
Twelve String Harpsichord

– 3 PatchesDeep Trilogy Thumps Menu
Hitting the Acoustic Bass
Trapped in a Giant CageKEYBOARDS
– 6 PatchesClavatar
Dream Stick Piano 1
Dream Stick Piano 2
Hohner’s Illegitimate Lovechild
Jangly 12-String Clav
Knockin’ Rhodes

– 1 Patch

Roadies Killed my Organ

– 6 Patches

Hush Hush Little Upright
Majestic Waves of Greece
Resonant Chill
Shepherd’s Pie
Triangular Vibes Pad
Vacuum Tube Pad

– 21 Patches

Cluster Plucker
Cwejman Bounce
Deep in the Asian Underground
Dreaded Upright Harmonicswell
Harmonic Divergence
M-Theory Chimonics 1
Octoharp Plucker 1
Octoharp Plucker 2
Octoharp Plucker 3
Orchestrion Mini
Picking the Harmonic Belltones
Pizz Harmonic Pipes
Plucking the Bowed Harp
Prism Harmonic Fifth Jangles
Prism Harmonic Overtones
Psychoacoustic Upright
Resonant Ringstick
Rude Klang
Scattered Plucks
Snappy Circuits
Upright Magic

– 5 Patches

Bee Stinger
Creepers in the Darkness
Retro Stick Music Box
Reversed Vacuum Tubes
Vibrocheez on a Hook

– 19 Patches

Amp Glitch Bass
Azzblastin’ Bass
Beater Bass
Broken Engine
Chapman’s Synth Bass
Dirty Electric Sine
Hybrid Bass Energy
Mad Matt – Fury Road
Mad Matt – Road Warrior
MS-20 Meets Moog Modular
Murky Liquid Bass
Nasty Staccato Ringer Bass
Ring Cliquer Bass
Scorched Uni Square
Shades of Evil Bass
Sick Stick Puncher
Staccato Moe
Vicious Hardcore
Weight Loss Bass

– 2 Patches

ARP Narrow Pulse Lead
Chill Out Sine Chord

– 2 Patches

Blip Slapped

– 1 Patch

One Hundred Rising Waves

– 7 Patches

ARP 2600 Club Polysynth
Dancing Sprites
Indigo Nights
Mass Hysteria
Mournful Eighties Child
Sapphire Speech
Whisperglide 2600

– 5 Patches

Anticipating the Moment
Bubbles and Bows
Chapman’s Grain Clouds
Circuit Bent Bow

– 3 Patches

Aleatoric Surrealism
Descent into Dissonance
Last Will

– 6 Patches

Cinematic Prophet Noise Swell
Dishonor Roll
Hyped Hoover
Shofar Away
Titanium Rubber Band
Wood Bubbles

33 FX Units

Greatly Enhanced Arpeggiator

  1. Pattern and Play ModesPresets Library
  2. Step Modifiers
  3. Chord Voicings
  4. Pitch Slides
  5. Step Dividers
  6. Capture MIDI Files!

Additional Highlights

• Standalone Application now included!
• New Live Mode interface for touch screens
• Multis for creating splits and layers
• Available as Download (36 GB) or Boxed USB Drives Edition
• Includes bonus classic ‘Bass Legends’ sounds – feat. Abe Laboriel,
John Patitucci & Marcus Miller


• 2.0 GHz or higher processor
• 8GB of RAM or more recommended
• 36 GB of free hard drive space (72 GB for download installation)

Mac Users:

• OS X 10.13 High Sierra or higher
• AU, VST 2.4 or higher, AAX capable host software
• 64-bit host

Windows Users:

• Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
• VST 2.4 or higher, AAX capable host software
• 64-bit host

How To Install Trilian Bass Crack?

  1. First of all, download crack latest version from link.
  2. Run the setup and done the job.
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